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Why join the Green Living Council?

Do you:

  • Have a passion for the environment and sustainability (or want to learn more about them)?
  • Enjoy engaging with your peers to discuss important issues?
  • Want an exciting way to meet people and join a network of campus leaders while furthering a cause you believe in?
  • Like to organize activities, social events, and other programming?
  • Aspire to be a leader in powering a movement toward a culture of sustainability at Stanford?
  • Have the dedication and enthusiasm to represent your fellow housemates on green issues and serve as the primary advocate for sustainability in your residential community?

If so, then the Green Living Council is for you! Our members, the Green Living Coordinators, are champions for sustainability on campus. To find out more about this role, read on!

What are the responsibilities of a Green Living Coordinator?

We work hard to maintain a flexible framework for the GLC that allows people with varying levels of time and availability to get involved. Many members participate at a highly committed level, not only helping to implement campus-wide GLC projects but also designing and scientifically testing their own pilot projects specific to their residence. But even members with less time to spare can make important contributions by serving as a messenger for sustainability in their dorm or house.

In general, responsibilities of all GLC members include:

  • Attending weekly GLC meetings on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 pm (although students with time conflicts may still join the GLC)
  • Updating your peers about the state of sustainability at Stanford and the current GLC events at weekly house meetings and other dorm/house events
  • Implementing behavior change projects and campaigns in your residence
  • Collaborating with other GLC members through smaller group meetings and online discussions
  • Helping to coordinate larger-scale projects such as CFL distributions and electronic waste collections
  • Leading efforts to engage your residence in campus-wide competitions such as the Conservation Cup and RecycleMania
  • Serving as the sustainability expert and advocate for your residence and anyone who happens to ask  

The expected time commitment is about 2-3 hours per week. However, there are plenty of opportunities for members to grow more involved.

What opportunities are available to GLC members?

Joining the GLC community is an extremely rewarding chance to not only build your skills in environmental leadership and have a tangible impact on campus, but also to meet an amazing group of people! Just some of the opportunities the GLC offers include:

  • A 2-unit, fall quarter training course to teach you the skills needed to effect real change in sustainability on campus
  • Opportunities for you to get funding and other resources to implement a project of your own design in your residence 
  • The annual GLC Symposium, open to any GLC members that want to showcase their work from the year 
  • Chances to work with administrators, staff members, and Stanford professors
  • Frequent social and networking events, including movie nights, field trips to Jasper Ridge, baking parties, and much more! 

How do I get involved?

All you need to do to become a Green Living Coordinator is to complete an interest form, so that we can get to know you. We are open to all classes from freshmen to graduate students, and each residence can have more than one GLC.

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