About Us


The Green Living Council (GLC) is a student organization that promotes sustainable practices among the Stanford community, with a focus on life in student residences. Our core membership is comprised of Green Living Coordinators, who serve as the resident sustainability advocates in their dorms. We work to educate our peers about sustainable living habits and environmental issues through competitions, festivities, exhibitions, discussions, prizes, interventions, and speaker events. By inspiring rather than criticizing, demonstrating rather than lecturing, we aim to transform the Stanford lifestyle into a green lifestyle.


How can we build a campus culture where sustainability is integrated into every aspect of daily life, where recycling and energy efficiency are second-nature, and where living a green lifestyle is a central aspect of what it means to be a part of the Stanford community? We believe that the best way to reach the full spectrum of the student body is to build a network of Green Living Coordinators, all working to promote sustainable behaviors among their peers in their residences.

While education and awareness are undoubtedly very important, we know that we must do more than preach to truly bring about behavior change. We employ strategies from emerging fields such as community-based social marketing, which focuses on developing shared norms and values that encourage sustainable practices among all community members. This approach involves actively listening to fellow residents, identifying barriers to sustainable behavior, and developing innovative ideas for overcoming those barriers. We believe that the combination of peer-to-peer advocacy and close engagement with student residential communities can foster a culture of sustainability at Stanford and go a long way toward reducing the environmental footprint of the campus.


We could not do the work we do without support from many other groups and departments on campus. By collaborating on sustainability initiatives, we can have a truly meaningful impact on campus life.

If you'd be interested in partnering with us on campus sustainability initiatives, we'd be happy to work with you. Contact us through any of the channels shown in the left sidebar.

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